The big winner of summer is #Mykonos as #celebrities put the #glamour back in #Greece

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Cristiano Ronaldo have visited the Greek island this year, amid the revival of a tourist trade vital to the nation’s recovery


The rediscovery of the "island of the winds" has not only helped to put Greece – whipped for the past six years by a 1930s-style depression – back on the map again. In luring even greater numbers of the international jet set to its shores, Mykonos has also supplanted Ibiza as the de rigueur hangout for celebrities and clubbers alike.

This month Afrojack, one of the world’s highest-earning DJs, pronounced that young holidaymakers were "better off" heading to the Cycladic isle because its Spanish competitor had simply become too expensive. "The whole magic you used to have on Ibiza is not possible any more because a ticket is €75 [£60]. I go to Mykonos, play exactly the same thing, and you buy a €10 ticket," the 24-year-old told the BBC. " [In Ibiza] they are too focused on the VIP."

With mega-yachts moored in its harbour, magnums of champagne sold on its beaches and dawn-to-dusk parties at its open-air clubs, Mykonos has reclaimed some of the glamour that made it a bacchanalian paradise for artists and the gay community half a century ago. "You bump into Conchita Wurst [winner of this year’s European song contest] and think nothing of it," said one visitor, part of a crowd of six well-heeled gay men from the US who spent a week on the island during a cruise of the Aegean earlier this summer. "You definitely don’t think ‘crisis’ wh

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