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#Books about #Greece: #holiday reading #guide 

Recommended reading for visitors to Greece, compiled by Michael Kerr Πηγή: Books about Greece: holiday reading guide – Telegraph


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Highlights of the 2016 #Olympic flame tour of #Greece 

The Olympic flame completed a successful tour around Greece, covering more than 2000 kilometres before its final handover to the Brazilians at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the site of the first modern Olympic games.It began at the ancient temple … Συνέχεια


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Άρχισαν τα όργανα! Πρώτο ρήγμα στους Ρεπουμπλικάνους η Meg #Whitman υποστηρίζει την #Hillary #Clinton

The tide is turning. Appalled by Donald Trump’s outlandish comments, Meg Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a prominent Republican fundraiser, is breaking ranks with her political party to support Hillary Clinton this November. Whitman told the New … Συνέχεια


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