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13 must-have apps for travellers – The Collective 

The world is saturated with travel apps as every week seems to usher in a new crop of apps claiming to be the most “innovative,” “essential” and “necessary” for your next trip. From before the flight to during the trip, … Συνέχεια


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World Premiere for ‘Drops of Breath’ Underwater Dance Performance in Greece – GTP Headlines

Following two years of intensive research and rehearsing, “Drops of Breath”, an impressive underwater dance – visual performance, is getting ready for its opening in Greece, at Cape Sounio beach on September 25.The event, which will run until September 27, … Συνέχεια


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Meteora the rocks of cosmic denial…

μετέωρο < γαλλική météore < μεσαιωνική λατινική meteora (πληθυντικός) < αρχαία ελληνική τά μετέωρα (=αστρονομικά φαινόμενα), ουδέτερο του μετέωρος Meteora the rocks of cosmic denial…


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under cloudy skies in a golden field in #Thessaloniki, #Greece

Far Afield Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic In 1937, picnickers dine under cloudy skies in a golden field in Thessaloniki, Greece. Though the field made for a nice picnic spot, it was once a malaria-ridden swamp.


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New #Schengen deal should keep border open

EuroparlTV video: New Schengen deal should keep border open.


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The Impact Of Social Media On Travel And Tourism [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has made a huge impact on essentially every major industry across the world, and the business of travel and hospitality has reaped the rewards perhaps as well as any other commercial venture. Travel and tourism depends heavily on … Συνέχεια


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still sunny in our land

still sunny, a photo by brexians on Flickr. still sunny in our land #Pelasgia central #Greece #travel #ttot #travelling2GR #visitGreecePHOTO via: brexians …


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