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Οι 11 καλύτεροι τίτλοι Επιστημονικής Φαντασίας και Φανταστικού για το 2016

We’re living in a world that looks increasingly like science fiction, so I find myself looking to the genre not for predictions of what the future holds but for some guidance for dealing with this strange and changing world. 2016 … Συνέχεια


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How to 3D Print a God by George Saoulidis @MythographyS

The gods are back in town. Skyscrapers pop out of nowhere all over Athens. Corporations rename themselves as Greek gods. It all started with the Greek crisis of 2009 and it will forever change the world as we know it. Some say that CEO’s have gone mad. Others, that they know damn well what they are doing. That there is something solid amongst the myth. In the day of inter-connectivity and social media admiration, can the ancient myths come back to life? Συνέχεια


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