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Mount Etna, Sicily – Italy

Mount Etna Eruption, originally uploaded by P•A•U•L | Photography. Mount Etna (Αἴτνη (Aítnē) in Classical Greek, Aetna in Latin, also known as Muncibeddu (beautiful mountain) in Sicilian and Mongibello in Italian (from the Latin mons and the Arabic gibel, both … Συνέχεια


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Enna Hills, Sicily, Italy

Sicily Enna Hills (Landscape), originally uploaded by artdikov. The «Belvedere» (panoramic viewpoint) or the «Ombelico» (navel) or even, Urbs Inexpugnabilis, as it was called by the Romans. Enna is known by many different names due to its geographic central position … Συνέχεια


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